Spiral cables SUPPLY

Elgor supplies customised polyurethane spiral cables that guarantee high abrasion and wear resistance. Our company, based in Cambiago in the province of Milan, offers solutions dedicated to the following sectors:


  • automation, telephone and electronic
  • anti-theft
  • medical
  • lighting and motor vehicle

Elgor offers our customers the opportunity to request highly-customised individual products, determining the cable size, colour and type of insulation required for the project.

telephone spiral cables


The spiral cables available in the catalogue and custom manufactured by the company guarantee rigorous performance, including: 

  • resistance to hydrocarbons, fats, mineral oils and UV rays
  • toxicity, which makes them ideal for use in the food and medical industries
  • low emission of toxic gases
  • inner steel reinforcement
  • anti-rodent shield
  • resistance to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold

request you CUSTOMISED spiral cable

customised spiral cables

Please indicate in your quote request the cable size you require by referring to the image - we will create your customised connector accordingly!

All products supplied by Elgor are CE approved and certified for the European market and UL/CSA for the North American/Canadian market.

The technicians from our suppliers will manufacture the spiral cable as per the specific needs of the customer and the project in which it will be installed. We guarantee to provide samples within 24 hours, immediate quotes, competitive prices and a competent and professional service, even for technical assistance requests.

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